Sunday, November 7, 2010

The beginning of something wonderful

This is the beginning for the new life for Ija & Fizan.

I had planned the wedding for passed 3 month just to ensure that everything go smooth starts from makeup, dress, pelamin, canopy & table setting, bridal room and like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.

The ceremony was all beautiful with the love that you can feel when being surrounded by the family members from both side of Ija & Fizan.

At the end of the day, there a nothing more exciting besides watching the love celebrations between them. Its where the perfect day with love all around.

Candy for your eyes

Vanilla flavor cup cake decorated with fondant icing @ RM2.50 made for a wedding favors.
Personally, I can’t believe this year has gone so fast, just shows how time flies when you’re having fun doing a things that you really like, and designing these special cupcakes with deep of love makes me feel so cool.

Made, as usual, from the finest ingredients, and that extra special ingredient, LOVE, I know these stunning cupcakes will make a perfect favors for any occasion such as wedding, open house, aqiqah and what’s more, they taste even better than they look.

Assorted flavor cuppa cake with butter icing decorations @ RM2.00 specially ordered from kak Gee for her niece Aqiqah ceremony.

A modern, chic simplicity by the beaches & sea

3kg butter cake textured curly finish was made by pressing special tong onto fondant icing. Decorative with custom-made sugar flower and real seashell to suit the wedding theme.

The big moments of your wedding are important, but it's often the little things-your first sip at the reception, or that final bite of cake that make it unforgettable.

Here is some picture queuing to be shared with all of you.
Picture taken from the bridal room during sunset

Candle and seashell line up at sundeck

I am feeling physically exhausted but I am grateful and very happy with the experiences and amazing journey to Pulau Besar Mersing, Malaysia. Thanks to Maddy and the couple for hiring Pretty Things to be a part of their team.

Made With Love For TASNIM

1kg Butter & Blueberry Layer cake with Butter Icing @ RM50 only

This three combination cake idea came from Tasnim mommy dedicated to celebrate her birthday. The mother looks vibrant & seems enjoying the feeling and swimming happily in their own world.

Eat a little
Eat a lot
Eat until you have to stop!

1kg Character Cake @ RM80 only

Today is your day to celebrate
Your day to be the star
So let the ones you love all cheer
And say how special you are