Sunday, April 24, 2011

The looks of love

Natural beauty does not have to mean wearing absolutely no makeup. You can use nude makeup to enhance your best features while still looking natural and making you look good.

Sri looks sweet and adorable with this kind of makeup. Not only does confidence make she feel better, it also makes others around appreciate her better qualities.
Sweet looks of Sri moment before the ceremony

Stunning in a gray kebaya
I love the love and when being surrounded by the love with all the love!

Delightful mini chocolate trifle

Chilled dessert are perfect to serve and that are sure to impress when you are entertaining your guess on every occasions including wedding, cocktail and birthday party or any other event.

I've made this mini chocolate trifle to create a spectacular finale for wedding dinner at Fishing Bay Resort, Mersing.

Just line the base of mini glass with cube trifle chocolate cake, pour a chocolate pudding and whipping cream, decorated with fresh strawberry before serving. Its so simple yet delicious!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The natural looks of Farahain

Not every girl need to be Barbie Gaga, sometimes natural makeup lights the way. As for Farah, this is the first time she using makeup just to enhance her looks for engagement day. 

Fact is, being beautiful involves more than the perfect dress and a good makeup artist. Confidence, a little more trust in the good points of your face and a couple of make-up touches are the key to natural beauty.

happiness smile of Farah

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sepang Circuit racing track cuppies for Kimi

Just got done making some really fun cupcakes for a boy's 8 years old birthday. The theme was race car and going to have the party at school according to his sister.

So start my engines, its time to imagine about car track. I must admit, for first time making car figurine is not as easy as I had think. At this point I am taking a really deep breath to finish the thrill part but still have fun till the end.

The best part is definitely seeing the kids and teacher enjoying the colorful  and tasty cupcakes!
Photos by : Shuhada Hasim

Coolest homemade golf sport cake

Birthday celebration is not only special for kids and it is such an effort for Suriyana to think about something special for her husband coming birthday including a perfect birthday cakes.
My imagination started to explore about golf field and details when she call to place order, continue with email of few golf cake picture to gain some idea. The team & me discovered this motives to suit overall birthday theme party.

For Taufik, I hope you enjoy the cakes that we specially made for your day.
Picture by : Shuhada Hasim

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fluffy traditional cream cheese and blueberry mini tart

The smoothness cheese batter and blueberry filling that filled into the tart shell have turn the whole thing into a sensational eating experience.

Perfect mouth feel, smell enjoyment and ready to kick start the party around your taste buds.
Photos by: Shuhada Hasim

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Dameer aqiqah ceremony

It was a strike time for Mira when I'm arrived Kuala Lumpur during preparation on her niece aqiqah ceremony.

Just gave extra hands for simple flower arrangement, decorations and detail at baby Dameer cradle in the middle of the house. With some lighting, toys and balloon look like a fairy tale garden, they all bring harmony to each other.

We end that night with some photos of lovely details and the expression of love.

Congratulations to Suriyana and Taufik for the new bundle of joy.
Crudle & decorations done by:
153X, Jalan Keramat,
Kg. Datuk Keramat,
Kuala Lumpur.
03 4252 7082 / 019 265 8820

Monday, April 4, 2011

Noir chocolate tartlet for chocolate lovers

These fun and delicious mini chocolate tartlet made with a layer of  baked crunchy shell and velvety smooth chocolate filling garnished with tiny chocolate curl. Its fun and versatile for an elegant dinner or birthday party. But this time I've made it specially for a good friend of mine on her farewell party.
This shell makes tart that look and taste outstanding. I am personally really love this pastry and I hope that your guess will love it too.