Thursday, June 23, 2011

Makeup for your love

Pale makeup brings out your natural features and doesn't hide your real face. Although having a lot of colors on your face makes you look so beautiful, you might want to remember your wedding day as you who are marrying your husband and not a model on stage. I think its all preference, but i would hope to prepare a bride in her most natural look.
You can see the makeup but it doesn't change the look of your eyes, cheek and mouth so much. Basic makeup like this is great for those who want the natural look, which I truly recommend.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Unique pulut kuning on your wedding day

New product from Pretty Thing...u should try it out and ask for more!

Photo taken by Shuhada Hasim

Mushroom & butterflies beside "Abang Botak" cuppies

This character cupcakes ordered from my close relative for her superior in the office with motives of mushroom, butterfly and also 'abang botak' that make me think upside down on how to make it as close as she might imagine.

I hope you love the look and let them enjoy the taste of vanilla butter cake for the party or perhaps for just a tea break!
Finally, the result of 'abang botak'

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lilac and white color palette

Simple & pretty things that made the fabulous decorations of your wedding day or your party. Somewhere inspirational brought me to create this moment, I am loving it!

Looking at those simple pretty things, such a pretty feelings always hit me. I always believe the things happen for a reason, the things made with a feelings and passion is a beautiful feelings. Certain decorations may turn your feelings to be in fantasy. How lovely!
Zati & Syam, thank you for trusting us to be part of your big day. We are really excited and happy for your wedding. For all the things, most importantly the day was perfect on its own.

Pretty and tasty wedding cupcakes

Rather than have a normal tiers wedding cakes, nowadays cupcakes are also popular and fashionable alternative and they are constantly being featured in bridal magazines.

Wedding cupcakes are simple and so practical than the more traditional celebration cake. They give greater options for flavors and designs and if you can't decide you can combine your choices.
It is always good to offer at least two different flavors and they can be easily distinguished by using different wrappers or decoration.
Photo taken by Shuhada Hasim
Each cupcake is hand-made with ingredients of the highest quality and no chemical ingredient added. Not only do they taste incredible, but they look pretty, too!
When  modern and traditional collide

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Do all things with LOVE

I was on the road, practically since the past 3 weekends.

We were in Mersing, Muar and Kuala Lumpur for an engagement and wedding throughout  the weekend. The journey continues on the following week for baking course task in Ayer Hitam, again to Kuala Lumpur for another wedding preparation and finally we end the rally for a makeup task, wedding cakes, cupcakes, dessert and wedding decoration around Mersing.

This beautiful Monday morning I am feeling physically exhausted but I am grateful and very happy with the experiences and amazing journey.
Engagement of Nesah Sarah

Cupcakes for hantaran Izati & Syam

Bakery & Pastry Course - The result
Let’s wait for the posts queuing to be shared with all of  you.