Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A day to remember at Teluk Iskandar Inn

Hye guys..its almost new year 2011 and i just had a time to upload a new reception set up picture done by pretty things & team.

There is a story behind this receptions, as usual we prepared all stuff day ahead to set up on the next morning but it was a heavy rain till evening makes me worry this wedding could not happen as planned.

But alhamdulillah weather looks good when i woke up the next morning..trying to work as smooth as we can before reception start at 5pm. Such the best team i ever had so far and we managed to finish everything on the dot...yeahh!

I would like to express my appreciation to aunt Kamariah & uncle Ibrahim, Riena & family, my loyalty operation team & photographer for giving their hand during that day. Its a well done job guys!

Here is some photo for your view..and don't forget to give me a ring if you are interested with our service. Enjoy!

View from dining peaceful and relaxing

The bride..she was so sporting

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hantaran For Both Ija & Fizan

I did not take longer break as i got a hantaran and few more assigned to be done for my couz wedding day a week after hari raya.

It was so tiring but still satisfied and love to see the flow of the whole ceremony with my touch of decor everywhere.

Do view their both side hantaran and the cakes as well..

Thanks so much to bride & groom for the million trust given.

The millennium purple with silver color from Ija

From Fizan with L.O.V.E

For Cutie Amirah On Her Wedding

Its was an old picture of hantaran for my old friends Amirah. Kind a surprised when she asked for my service even though its a last minute request. But i am still happy to work with her when she also asked to do some flower arrangement for her room decorations. Thanks so much for your trust given dear!