Sunday, March 27, 2011

She is the flower, he is the bird!

I really enjoy doing these cupcakes, its colorful and so cheerful suitable birthday girl character. She seems to has it all..happiness, money but talking about love still has no answer from her. So, to celebrate her birthday, i did these fancy flower and birds cupcakes to describe my question.

Anyway, hope you love the cuppies & happy birthday buddy.

Green and white cuppies for engagemant

I have this costumer who has ordered for her daughter birthday before, this time she need a cupcakes for her relatives engagement. For Amin and Linda it is the lovely green and white cuppies for your special day.

Thanks to Ayu and Hakim for your order. I hope you love the looks as much as i love baking & decorating!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fun smiley birthday cakes for Nuar and Iqa.

You can't help but smile when you look at these cakes, decorating smiley cakes and cupcakes is really enjoyable although I did that during midnight.
Rather than presents just one big cake on your special friends birthday, consider having several smaller one and have fun mixing up the colors and design.
Happy birthday Nuar and Iqa
We had a great time celebrating your birthday. May each and every passing year bring both of you wisdom, peace and cheer!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sweet Mastura on her solemnization day.

Every time people talking about wedding, we'll think about the bride we also curious on how beautiful the bride look like. On the ground, Mastura came to me after being introduced by Awin, the first person who's teach me about makeup.
I always believe in magic. It is like a fairy tale love. Mastura is a natural beauty woman with her own personality. I am grateful and absolutely lucky to be part of their big day.

A touch of red in white wedding cakes

The buttercream three-tier wedding cake feels so garden and elegant fits the customary red and white color scheme. Here, the red rose flower arrangement focusing the center part of the whole cake, piped buttercream garlands are adorned with small white flower to create a romantic look.

Keep them the same style, and have fun with bright colors and roses.

A bright idea theme wedding

This wedding actually was held in oktober last year in Kampung Wak Salam Mersing but I lost all the picture, until one day I received some of it from the photographer to share with all of you. Preparing a wedding will create so much drama in your life!
Begin with barely there colors for the ceremony, and then work in brights to set a celebratory tone.

Friday, March 11, 2011

A delight of sweet pink wedding cakes

A three-tier cake covered in buttercream celebrates the beauty of pink roses.The cake is finished with round pearl piping, which is mix with pink color. Space between them decorated with daisy flower and gumpaste letters as gift for the bride and groom on their big day.

A cake abloom with flowers symbolizes the beauty and promise of your wedding day and they can mirror the wedding's theme as well.